People in the U.S. living in condominiums and homeowners associations were polled and have stated they are extremely satisfied with their communities for the 7th time in thirteen years. Do you feel like there are homeowners, managers, or those on the Board of Directors that are not happy with your HOA? Have you done everything you can think of to provide a well-rounded experience? It can be difficult to keep up with HOAs and everything that involves ensuring they are run properly and fairly for all. That’s why an HOA and condominium HOAs need real estate services such as association management.

You Need a Hands-On Approach to Condominium Association Management

Beck services and manages HOAs for condos and communities. You will be provided with real estate services including association management with on-site services, budgeting, long term planning, capital improvement support, maintenance, architectural and violation services, detailed monthly financing, web portals, web sites, payment options, and much more. When condominium management seems to have slipped, and it shows, you need the services of an HOA management company that can meet your diverse requirements. Association managers have the support and resources to focus on their clients, return emails and calls, attend meetings, and overall embrace all of the responsibilities and duties that come with running a perfectly streamlined HOA.

Association Managers Provide Top Real Estate Services

Every HOA needs supervision. That’s an essential part of real estate services provided by association management specialists. You are ensured proper maintenance and operation management that is guaranteed to promote better relations between residents, the board of directors, and management. You can depend on an association manager to handle all HOA files, communication, maintenance, resolve owner’s problems if possible, facilitate communication, handle after-hour emergency calls, and provide administrative support services for the Board of Directors. You can expect those services and more from top real estate services that promote better property management.

What Can an Association Management Specialist Do for You?

Rest easy knowing that an association management specialist can take care of your HOA as precisely directed by the Board. This includes managing and preparing financials as instructed. Association management includes the use of administrative assistants who handle communication and clerical duties for the HOA, collecting attorneys and managers. The bookkeeping includes the facilitation of HOA manager approved service and vendor invoices, creation and mailing of notices for collection, billing of owners, cash receipts, bank reconciliation, and the creation and disbursement of financials for month ends. Both association managers and administrative assistants report to a Senior HOA Manager as well as the Board of Directors or Principal.